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Hue Flow

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Cold Water

Warm Water

HueFlow is a living color flow.

HueFlow loses its colors when you consume water and loses its luminosity when you consume electricity. Its appearance can change over time with various abstraction or anger levels, thus creating an even more living artwork.

Behind the scenes

Each second adds a colored stroke to the left part of the pipe, pushing the rest.

Each stroke is a linear gradient computed out of a set of objects {x:0, hue:150, sat:50%, lum:100%} with x ranging from 0 to 1 and hue from 0 to 260 (rainbow without purple). Consuming cold water pushes the hues to the high values while consuming hot water pushes the hues to the low values.

As for the electricity consumption, two approaches have been tested. 1 - Inserting a black stop in the color gradient (at a certain x) and pushing away the other x values with a gaussian model. 2 - Lowering luminosities with maximum effect at a certain x. The latter is currently active.

"Prettifying" the data required several layers of logarithmic scaling and low-pass smoothing. The ideal HueFlow would have a super low refresh delay, here we cannot go under 300ms due to redrawing the whole artwork at each iteration.

HueFlow being more colorful when consumption is low, my goal in designing it was to give a half-conscious incentive to reduce energy loss and water waste to people moving in the new apartments of the Royal Seaport in Stockholm.

I hope you'll enjoy playing around with it =)